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School Supply List

On what date can I log on to the webpage and shop?
This year, the sales period will start May 1st and it will end on the last week of July.

What is the Back2School website address?
Our web address is

When and where can I pick up my package? 
The packages will be delivered on two dates. The Open House* or Meet the Teacher* events, and the first day of school at 'Back2School" counters located in the school.

What happens if by any reason I am not able to pick up my package? 
You can send a person or the student to pick up the package with the sale ticket. If this is not done, the package will be sent to the Main Office at each school, and will be able to pick it up later.

What will happen if i didn't order the package during the sales period?
We will not sell any more packages after July 21. That is the deadline for this coming school year.

How much does it cost? 
Our prices are competitive with Walmart, HEB and Office supplies stores. The cost depends on what supplies are needed for each grade level and school. The cost of the packages will be shown on the website or the order forms.

What are the payment methods?
The accepted methods of payment are credit cards, debit cards, apple pay or paypal. Also accepted are bank deposits and money orders.

If you have additional questions, please call Back2School Texas at 1-800-231-4380 or send a TEXT to 210-643-3209 or 210-993-3555.